SEND Support

The majority of the schools that we work with are SEND schools. Caring for a young person with an additional need can bring unexpected and at times overwhelming challenges. There are services locally and nationally that offer a wealth of advice and guidance.

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Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children transforms the lives of disabled children across the UK. We act as a safety net for families who are unable to gain the help they need.


Umbrella enables disabled children and young adults to realise their full potential.

  • We empower parents and carers, supporting them in their care of their disabled child or young adult.
  • We provide exciting, stimulating activities for children and young adults which encourage the development of skills, whilst having fun; giving disabled children and young adults opportunities that non-disabled children take for granted

Umbrella supports any family with a disabled child or young adult aged 5 to 30. Umbrella is able to support a child or young adult no matter what their disability as our services are person centred to meet individual needs.

We are based in Derby City and provide local services in Derby City, Amber Valley, Erewash, South Derbyshire and South Derbyshire Dales. We also provide a limited number of parent services in the rest of Derbyshire

Family Fund

Family Fund is the UK’s largest charity providing grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. Last year, we provided 89,101 grants or services worth over £33 million to families across the UK.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of low-income families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people.

Our mission is to provide items and services to all low-income families in the UK raising disabled or seriously ill children, that they could not otherwise afford or access, and that help improve their quality of life, realise their rights, and remove some of the barriers they face.

Our vision is that all families raising disabled or seriously ill children have the same choices, quality of life, opportunities and aspirations as other families.


Childhood cancers, birth defects, accidents, diseases and infections can all cause our precious babies, children, and young people to face lifelong challenges. It happens to dozens of children and their families every day.

Newlife exists because if it was your child, you would want the best for them and that’s what we are working for every day.

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society is the leading UK charity for autistic people (including those with Asperger syndrome) and their families. We provide information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a world that works for autistic people.

Derbyshire Local Offer

The Derbyshire Local Offer is an information, support and advice service for children and young people aged 0 to 25 with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

Derby’s SEND Local Offer

In Derby’s SEND Local Offer, we hope you will find all the services you and your child need to enable you both enjoy life to the full. The purpose of our Local Offer is to allow parents, carers and young people to find out more easily about services and support and how to access them!

Autism Information & Advice

Citizens Advice Mid Mercia, with the support of Derbyshire County Council, have launched a new free information and advice service for Derbyshire’s Autistic community.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

We are the charity for people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. We’re making a difference to the lives of children and adults across the UK.

Our vision is for anyone with severe learning disabilities who displays challenging behaviour to have the same life opportunities as everyone else.

We work to improve understanding of challenging behaviour, empower families with information and support, and help others to provide better services and more opportunities.

Staffordshire Connects

Staffordshire Connects is the Local Offer for information, support and services for children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) living within Staffordshire.

Mobilise Derbyshire

If you look after someone regularly, perhaps a parent, partner, child, sibling, or neighbour or friend, you are most likely a carer. And we’re here to support you in your caring role.

An Introduction to Autism for Parents

Here you will find a useful document for parents which explains what autism is. It also covers social communication and interaction, rigidity of thought and sensory needs with useful advice on how to deal with or approach such matters.

What is Autism-A workbook for Young People

This user friendly workbook explains Autism in an easy to understand way and includes sections for the Young Person to look at their own individual strengths and needs. 


The advice and support offered by these hubs are centred around the key areas of need identified by parents, including early help, guidance on matters such as eating, sleeping, communicating, environmental factors, and emotional regulation. Furthermore, the hubs also provide assistance regarding broader needs such as housing, financial advice, and employment support in collaboration with other service providers. Importantly, users of these hubs will not require a formal diagnosis in order to access the support they need.

See below for details of Neurohubs in your area


Monkey Park Community Hub



Derbyshire Autism Services



Zink HQ



St James Centre


 SENDIAS Services

SENDIAS Services (formally known as Parent Partnership Services) offer information, advice and support for parents/carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). There is a SENDIAS Service in every local authority.

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Derby City


Specialist Disabled Children’s Services

The Specialist Disabled Children’s Services will usually only be involved where a child or young person has significant disability or impairment and there is also an additional need.

Service’s will  only be provided as part of an agreed plan following an assessment. This assessment can be requested by a parent or carer. Usually this will be a social care assessment undertaken by the specialist social care department linked to your home address.

Any assessment will always include the wishes and feelings of the child or young person, and the views of parents and carers.

Once the assessment has been completed, any support identified as required will be discussed at the resource allocation meeting. The resource allocation meeting will consider how services will be funded and who will provide them.

Please click the logo of your Local Authority to be directed to their contact and referral information.

Just remember to be clear that you are requesting an assessment from the Disabled  Children’s Team. They may ask you what support or resources you feel you need – it could be helpful to do some research prior to calling. They may request an Early Help Assessment is completed first; this is something that we can support you with.


Derby City