Key Projects

Helping Our Pupils Emotions

HOPE is  a project that offers emotional wellbeing support to children and families in our Esteem academies.

The Hope Project has been developed over the past five years and has positive outcomes for children that have an emotional need for support.  The Hope project trains school staff to understand the mental health of young people and enhance their supportive, listening skills.  This provision delivered in school complements a whole school approach to positive health and psychological wellbeing.  The project offers a safe space in an environment the child feels comfortable.  This has additional benefits such as the adults’ familiarity with the child and family which aids the trusting relationship.

Members of the FASST Team have been trained by Rachel Raynor at The Burden Basket to deliver this project to young people over a number of weeks. Wherever possible the sessions will be held in school during the normal school day.

As HOPE practitioners, we receive monthly supervision from either Rachel or one of her team, to ensure that we are supported to continue to support children and families effectively.

Burden Basket – Hope Support for Schools Website


Thrive helps children and young people feel safe, supported and ready to learn. Thrive has been providing training, tools and insights to organisations and individuals for over 25 years.

Initially conceived as a way of tackling the issue of school exclusions, Thrive now offers a whole-setting approach to supporting the right-time social and emotional development of all children and young people.

The goal is to:

  • Provide high-quality, evidence-based training backed by research
  • Raise awareness of the importance of supporting children and young people’s social and emotional development
  • Build knowledge of social and emotional development in schools and settings to improve understanding of emotional health and mental wellbeing.

Three members of the FASST time are qualified THRIVE practitioners- Esteem Schools can access support for their students through the appropriate referral route. If you attend/have a child or young person who attends an Esteem School and would like to access THRIVE please make a referral using the link below.

Family and Student Support Team (FASST) Referral Form for Parents, Carers and Young People (

Thrive Website