Youth Connect 5
- supporting the emotional wellbeing of young people-

Youth Connect 5 consists of a five-parts parent/carer course that will:

  • Build upon parents’ and carers’ knowledge, empathy, skills and attributes to promote and strengthen children and young people’s resilience and emotional wellbeing

  • Strengthen parents’ and carers’ own levels of resilience 

  • Increase confidence and ability to explore different ways to support their children; and 

  • Improve/enhance relationships parent/child have with their children.

Key Benefits

Young people - Children and young people gain clearer awareness and better information about resilience, staying emotionally healthy and family relationships.

Parents/carers - Parents’ skills to strengthen family relationships and family resilience are enhanced, supporting skills in listening and communicating and teaching an understanding of behaviour in the context of relationships.

Schools - Improved academic performance and behaviour. When parents/carers are supported to better manage their children’s behaviour, there is a greater likelihood of success in reducing the child’s problems and in supporting their academic and emotional development


The course will run for 5 consecutive weeks for 3 hours a session.

If you have a child which attends one of our Esteem schools and would like to learn more about YC5 then please contact either Rachel Hopkinson or Bec Baber using the details below!