Who we can work with, what we can support with and how to get the help you need

We are a referral only service for young people and their families attending one of the Esteem academies. If you are unsure of which schools these are, their logos are at the bottom of every page.


We are able to accept referrals from professionals, parents, carers and young people. We will consider the referral if consent has been given from the family or young person. This ensures that the family and the young person want our support and we can work together to make changes.


We are an 'Early Help' service.  Our aim is to help you to make the changes needed to stop the challenge from becoming too big and too overwhelming. Sometimes we aren't the right team but we will help to find the one who is.

We might be the first service to offer support or that excellent progress has been made with a more specialist service and we are asked to help make sure the progress continues.

An Early Help service is also known as a Level 2 or a service for Emerging Need. The Designated Safeguarding Lead in school will be able to explain what this means and whether or not we are the right service. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to advise.

We hold regular allocation meetings to look at the referrals we receive as a team and decide whether they meet our criteria. If they do, we allocate to one of our team and they will get in touch, usually by phone. If they don't, we will get in touch with the referrer and advise who may be able to help.

We are able to support young people and families in lots of different ways. We offer family support in the home, support at meetings, 1-1 support sessions with young people, help to fill out forms; we will do our best to be able to support in the way that families are most confortable with and helps them to achieve the result they are looking for.

We are not a long term solution. We aim to be able to support a family or young person to achieve their goal in around 12 weeks. We understand that we have to be flexible with this time limit, but having a time scale supports us to remain focused on supporting you you to achieve your outcome.


We work in partnership with colleagues from other organisations, we strongly believe that by working together with a shared goal, families and young people are able to acheive and move the challenging situation forward.





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